Most Innovative Partner 2017

Oct 16, 2017

DEVOLD receives “Most Innovative Partner 2017” award from LM Wind Power

DEVOLD AMT has received the “Most Innovative Partner 2017” award from leading rotor blade supplier LM WIND POWER for its development of a unique composite material solution.

DEVOLD AMT received the supplier award from LM WIND POWER for the development of an exclusive solution for multiaxial fabrics. A solution for a new lightweight material for the longest rotor blade in the world (88.4m) was developed in close collaboration between the application experts at DEVOLD AMT and the development team at LM WIND POWER.
LM WIND POWER has its headquarters at Kolding in Denmark and 15 manufacturing locations on four continents. It is one of the world’s leading suppliers of rotor blades for wind turbines and is part of GE Renewable Energy. The benchmark-setting LM 88.4 P rotor blade was designed for an 8MW offshore wind turbine with a rotor diameter spanning an area larger than the Colosseum in Rome. The sheer size of these wind power plants makes an immense contribution to reducing energy costs for wind power, making it more competitive. A wind turbine of this scale can supply energy to around 10,000 homes. (Source: Recharge News, SEP 2016).

The enormous length of the rotor blades places extreme demands on the materials used, in particular their rigidity to weight ratio. DEVOLD AMT developed a special fabric solution for this application, comprising a new type of reinforcement material and an innovative way of processing it.

Kåre Dybvik, Managing Director at DEVOLD AMT, received the award at the LM WIND POWER SUPPLIER DAYS in Amsterdam on October 4, 2017. The DEVOLD team is proud of the award and would like to thank all the project partners involved and LM WIND POWER for the many years of close collaboration and trust.