Multiaxial reinforcements: trusted since 1853

DEVOLD AMT AS evolved out of a traditional knitwear company founded as early as 1853. In the late 1980’s the company diversified into stitched multiaxial fiberglass reinforcements initially supplying a shipyard making naval vessels. In 1992 DEVOLD AMT AS was launched as a separate entity in its own right. Today, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAERTEX GmbH & Co. KG.

Since its initial launch DEVOLD AMT has expanded its market by diversifying into new segments such as wind energy, construction and commercial craft industries. Wind energy is by far the largest segment. In the same period DEVOLD AMT has also introduced carbon fiber and hybrid reinforcements (carbon fiber/glass fiber combinations) into the market.

DEVOLD AMT owns state of the art manufacturing technology which is employed to supply a complete range of advanced unidirectional and multiaxial stitched reinforcements. Over recent years the company has participated in numerous research and development projects with customers and institutes to innovate reinforcement and manufacturing processes.


1990-2002: Development of DEVOLD AMT

In 1990, textile company DEVOLD launches development of technical reinforcements for use in defence vessels. DEVOLD AMT is established in 1992. In 1996, carbon-fibre for maritime use makes its market breakthrough. 2000 sees a similar breakthrough for fibre-glass reinforcements for windmill rotor blades.

2003-2007: JEC Award for DEVOLD AMT and Brødrene Aa

In 2005 DEVOLD AMT and Brødrene Aa win the prestigious JEC Award for innovative composite solutions.

2006-2007: Joint Venture with PPG

In 2007, production gets underway at the new factory in Kuršėnai, Lithuania. DEVOLD AMT establishes a joint venture company with PPG in the USA. A dedicated test laboratory is unveiled in Langevåg in Norway. In 2007, PPG-DEVOLD LLC opens a new factory in North Carolina, USA.

2009 Increased capabilities: carbon fiber and hybrid products

Restructuring the DEVOLD AMT group including the relocation of a portion of the production machinery with strong emphasis on effiecient production and increased capabilities for the production of carbon fiber and hybrid products.

2012: Norway operation have closed

The Company decided to close the operation in Norway. Relocated and consolidated all equipment and capacity to the operation in Lithuania.

2014: SAERTEX acquires DEVOLD AMT

January 30th 2014 SAERTEX GmbH & Co. KG acquired all shares in Hexagon DEVOLD AS from Hexagon Composites ASA. In connection with the acquisition, Hexagon DEVOLD AS has changed company name back to the original name DEVOLD AMT AS.